Get to know the spirits on everyone's lips. From industry experts to the resident spirits lover at your local bar, here's why people are choosing Sourland Mountain Spirits as their alcohol of choice. 



OF THE YEAR (2018 - ADI) 

Wine Enthusiast

  • Gin - 92 Points

  • Silver Rum - 92 Points

  • Reserve Gin - 92 Points

  • Gin- 2018 Top 100 Spirits

  • Reserve Gin- 2019 Top 100 Spirits

American Distilling Institution Baltimore

  • Gin – Silver Medal Winner

  • Vodka – Bronze Medal Winner                        


San Francisco International Spirits Competition

  • Gold – Tanqueray 10

  • Silver – Sourland Mountain Spirits Gin

  • Bronze – Hendricks Gin

    • Packaging Design Award


New York City Spirits Competition

  • New Jersey’s Gin Distillery of the Year 2017

  • Vodka – Bronze Medal Winner


American Distilling Institution 2018

  • Silver Rum – Silver Medal Winner

  • Barrel-Aged Gin – Bronze Medal Winner

  • Gin – Bronze Medal Winner


 “Pink peppercorn piquancy leads the nose and palate, followed by faint hints of rosewater, white pepper, and grains of paradise, plus lemon zest on the brisk, bracing finish. Enjoy this in a floral Gin & Tonic variation.” 

-Wine Enthusiast, 2018 Top 100 Spirits 

 “Wow. What an herbal blast. A good base of juniper and piney notes. A prominent hot peppery note but not like typical black or red pepper. Overall: this is a manly gin. Very robust, flavorful and unique.” 

- Don Coffey, Spirits Industry Expert

 “An excellent, smooth mouthfeel with minimal alcohol warmth, more spicy coriander, and hints of gingerbread and spiced loaf. Notes of chocolate, ginger, and citrus follow, before oily juniper comes to the forefront. The spicy warmth of ginger and cardamom paired with a light hint of menthol and black pepper, as well as touch of earthiness and flower petals. Overall, a bold and complex gin that finely walks the line between Classic and Contemporary styles.” 

- David T Smith, author of The Craft of Gin

“Beautiful, Balanced Botanicals”
“Crystal clear, clean, consistent”

- Judges at the American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Competition

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